About Us

What We Believe

God, who created us, longs for us to know Him. Creation declares God to us, the Bible informs us of God’s works, Christ shows God to us, and the Holy Spirit empowers us to know God relationally. We affirm the totality of the Bible as God’s authoritative word to us and His Spirit as the teacher of His word.  Our doctrinal statement is briefly declared in the Baptist Faith and Message.

Our Story

Our heritage begins in the heart of God.

In 1956, God moved Rev. Earl Stallings to envision a new work in the Highlands area of Ocala. Then God called a group of members from First Baptist Church to make that vision a reality. When Highlands Baptist Church held its first Sunday service, eighty-eight members committed to join together with God and each other to form a new local body of believers.

Today, members at Highlands are excited to see God at work through the church as a whole and in individual lives. Through God’s continued provision, they are coming together to renovate and repair the facilities, even as God is working to bring freedom and healing to people’s hearts through relationship with Himself.

Our Mission

Our Lord gave us a simple mandate – Make Disciples.  We express our mission as Investing the transforming love of Christ. We do that by loving God enough to invest ourselves in growing in relationship with Him and investing this love in others.

We value the following:

Praise – Because God matters to us.

Doctrine – Because God matters to us. 

Compassion – Because People matter to us.

Prayer – Because Relationship matters to us.

Synergy – Because Love matters to us.

Discipleship – Because Life matters to us.

Discovery – Because Joy matters to us.